• Recording with separate tracking or as a full band live

    Recording with separate tracking or as a full band live

    We have high-end recording and backline equipment, offering the highest quality at the service of our clients.

    We have two recording rooms and two booths to isolate amplifiers. We can record bands live in the studio, keeping all instruments independent and avoiding any bleed between them, which allows us to seamlessly edit, punch and mix throughout the process.

    Our rooms were designed by Audio Acústica engineers, obtaining a perfect acoustic environment for any type of musical and voice-over recording.

    We work with the best electronic engineers and luthiers in the area; they keep our material in optimal condition and at full capacity.

  • Mixing


    We mix both our productions and those recorded in other studios. We put all our expertise and analog equipment into your songs.

    We love to mix in hybrid mode, taking advantage of the best of the digital and analog worlds.

    We also offer online mixing services. All you have to do is send us your tracks; we'll send you premixes so you can listen to them and give us feedback from home.

  • Mastering


    Mastering for any kind of musical and audiovisual projects. Click for more information.

  • Music Production

    Music Production

    Production is what will make your songs great, providing a filter between the musician and the public with an objective point of view of your work. From the sound design to the composition and arrangement of the songs, Txosse will be at your service during the recording, providing everything you need to get your album where you want it.

    We also do pre-production sessions both in the studio (being able to record a demo before going to record) or in your own rehearsal room, or even online. This way, you can prepare the songs and be ready to rock at the studio.

    If your band is from outside the Barcelona area and Txosse will be coming to record for an extended period, there's a chance that he’ll produce/record for you in another studio in your area. However, the main outboard, microphone and backline sound equipment always travels with him, ensuring that special sound.

  • Composing and production for spots, cinema and TV

    Composing and production for spots, cinema and TV

    We have experience in on-demand composition and musical production, both in advertising spots and soundtracks for film or TV.

    We'll adjust to the budget/briefing of advertising agencies and film, radio and television production companies.

    We bring creativity, emotion and energy to our compositions, also attending in a meticulous way to all the subsequent phases of the composition, such as production, recording, editing, mixing and mastering for broadcast on audiovisual media and digital platforms.

    Click for more info.

  • Reamps and prints

    Reamps and prints

    Reamps: Send us your instrument lines (guitar, bass) and we'll send them back to you through our backline amps of your choice. You'll be able to choose the microphones and preamps that you want us to use.

    Prints: We can also process your recordings (drums, basses, guitars, voices, pianos, etc.). Choose which of our studio’s compressors, equalizers and outboard you want to process the signal, and we’ll give them back to you with that analog magic.

    Don’t hesitate to ask us if you need some advice on the material that will work best for your project.

  • Editing and post-production

    Editing and post-production

    We like to nail it when it comes to our jobs! It's very important for us to treat each production with care and detail, making sure drums, basses, guitars and vocals are well edited and in tune when the style requires it.

    We also edit remote projects and external productions, such as home recordings that require professional editing to take it to the next level.

  • Voice-overs


    Our microphones, outboard and rooms offer high-quality voice-overs for all kinds of audiovisual, TV, radio, cinema and advertising projects.

  • Accommodations


    We know that distance can be a handicap. For this reason we offer accommodations for artists who need it. Our studio has a space attached to it with everything you need (beds, shower, TV, Wi-Fi, kitchenette, air conditioning, PS3, arcade machine and much more).

  • Workshops


    From time to time, we offer workshops focused on sound engineering students, lasting 4 days and with a maximum of 4 students per edition.

    In them, we'll teach you everything you need to know to produce, record, edit, mix and master an album, contributing with all our experience and working all week with a band developing a real project. In addition to Txosse Ruiz (Producer at Wheel Sound Studio), Victor García from Ultramarinos Mastering offers a masterclass centered on mastering the particular topic that we’ve been working on in the days leading up to that Workshop.

    If you’re interested, get in touch with us; we’ll be glad to explain how it works and provide you with info on future places and available dates.