Composing and production for spots, cinema and TV


We have extensive experience composing and producing music on demand, in advertising spots and soundtracks and music for film, radio, television and digital platforms.

We bring experience, creativity, emotion and energy to every composition, attending carefully to all work steps, such as production, recording, editing, mixing and mastering.

Our multi-space studio is specifically designed for vocal and musical recordings by the Audio Acústica company, meeting all professional requirements and providing the most professional acoustic rooms.

We adapt to all projects, adjusting to the budget/briefing of advertising agencies and film, radio and television production companies.

Throughout our trajectory, we’ve compiled a wide contact list of professional voice-dubbing actors and musicians, always ready to satisfy the particular needs of each job. One of our outstanding collaborators is Joan Vilà, a multi-award-winning composer and arranger of soundtracks.

Some works for Film, TV and Broadcasting:

  • Blue Rai  (ESCAC Films) -  Recording, Mix, Mastering: Txosse Ruiz - Composer: Joan Vilà
  • ¿Por qué miente la gente? (Yumagic Films)  - Recordings, Mix & Masteing: Txosse Ruiz - Composer: Joan Vilà
  • What Is Love (Miki Esparbé) - Mastering: Txosse Ruiz - Composer: Joan Vilà
  • Dana (Lucia Forner) - Mastering: Txosse Ruiz - Composer: Joan Vilà
  • Horrors of Space (Videogame Jordi Novo) - Recordings, Mix & Mastering: Txosse Ruiz - Composer: Joan Vilà
  • Cuore Magazine (Spot for TV Inventas Comunicación)-  Recording, Mix & Mastering: Txosse Ruiz - Composer: Txosse Ruiz
  • EMMA Mattresses (Speech for TV Spot  NHB) - Recording: Txosse Ruiz