Mastering is the last step of the entire recording process, where the final mix is adjusted to sound its best on all equipment and is adapted to its consumption format.

We perform analog and digital mastering, providing the best of both worlds: character, color and surgical precision in your songs.

Our control room, designed by Audio Acústica, offers ideal listening with our Focal SM9 monitors, obtaining absolute control.

We work online, and it isn’t necessary to make a reservation in advance. Send us the songs, and we’ll have them ready in 4-5 days.

The hundreds of records we’ve worked on speak for us, ranging from our own productions and from other studios and producers we work with.

We also offer a restoration service for old recordings, improving them with EQ, limitation, compression, normalization, silences/cuts between songs and elimination of noise or unwanted clicks. We then send you a link so that you can download them immediately.

Ask us for a demo and we’ll show you how we can enhance your mixes.

Formats we work with

  • CD/Digital

    Wav/Aiff Audio files

  • Vinyl

    Specifically processed for vinyl

  • iTunes/Hi-Res

    High fidelity special export for digital platforms

What do you need to send us for a master?

  • Mix

    In the highest quality possible

  • Order of songs

    As well as their final name
    We also need the album title and the band name

  • Information

    Any notes on the transitions you want between songs

  • ISRC Codes

    Or any other information related to the project